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Both versions of the Renault Zoe come with a 41 kWh battery. At the moment, Renault is only officially selling the R ZE40 version. Of course, you may well come across the Q90 model at dealers, and in the second hand market, so we cover both models in this review. Please note: this price is for the R Zoe where you own the battery. There are Zoes where you lease the batteries instead. However, neither the Renault Zoe price nor the range tell you how the two models of the Zoe are different. Read on to find out….

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There is a crucial difference between the R and Q90 models. The Q90 ZE40, on the other hand, has a 65 kW motor 87 bhp and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in However, the R ZE40 has no rapid charging interface. What does that mean? You can charge it at 43 kW.

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Twice the speed of the R ZE To make your choice even harder, Renault then gives the option to either buy or lease the batteries in your Zoe car. The Renault Zoe price we state above is for buying the batteries outright.

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You pay the price and you then own both the car and the batteries inside. Think how long you are likely to keep the EV, and then add up all the costs over that time, both upfront and monthly. For example you may come across:. Be careful if you are buying a used Renault Zoe. But the Zoe Z. E 40 tested here has the longest official range of the new Zoe family, plenty of kit and on balance, is maybe the best all-rounder.

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The New Renault ZOE 50 Has Been Priced -- But Here's Why The ZOE 40 is More Important

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