The Coupon Binder Method:

I could never leave my binder. I still keep a small file folder cheque size for when I do my shopping, everything I know I will buy are already out in that folder for convenience. The binder I leave in the van-should I see a really good deal I would just go back into the store after I finish my original purchase. I ordered a coupon bag from glowgirl and just love it.

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It is so easy to sort and find my coupons and easy to carry so I can take it every time I leave the house. I love this idea, organizing by exp date…. Have done the binder thing, I just could not keep up with it and eventually just gave up trying to keep it organized, coupons would go into a large envelope and I would pull what I needed when I went shopping. It was not working well. I totally think this will work for me. No time for a binder.

When I went back to work after my mat leave I even went from 2 folders down to one. I now only keep coupons for products I use or high value ones for new products I might try. I organize by product type. Every week when I plan my shop I go through and put the ones I want to use at the front. I use a folder like Nicole for the coupons that I am likely to use.

I still organize by category, but within each category, I organize by expiry date.

I agree: a binder is much to big to carry around. I like it much better then a binder…its easy to throw under my stroller when i go out. I love my binder. I have big categories, then sub-categories, and I sort by expiry date, so once a month I clean out the old ones and move the good ones up a few spaces.

I love my coupon binder! Since I now have a sufficient stockpile I am only filing things I will need or use, and high price coupons. These I store in my large zippered binder. I carry a medium folder that has my grocery lists if I am going to more than one store and a pen and calculator for SDM and my coupons. This works well for me. Binder is just too heavy. I wear a crossbody purse and carry my folder. I had a started a coupon bineder, then got annoyed with it and went back to my lil yellow folder. It fits in my diaper bag, is easy to carry around.

I take ones I know I will use and high value ones. As I make my grocery list each week I pull the coupons I plan to use forward and keep them in a small enveloppe.

How to Organize Coupons & How to Make a Coupon Binder

Makes my life so much easier and I am not stressed about trying to keep the binder organized! Here is what I did. For each letter of the alphabet, marked with plastic tabs, I have three pages. I placed a blue household , pink beauty or yellow food page in a page protector. Then I sewed the page protector with my sewing machine to create 4 pockets on each side. It works well, although was a lot of work to create initially. It is in a zippered binder, which I keep in a reusable cloth shopping bag.

I have a big binder that I usually store in the car. I only bring it into the house if I have a bunch of new coupons to add to it, need it for planning out my shopping trips, or want to take out expired coupons. Every months I take out all the coupons that have expired while watching TV. When I plan my shopping trips I usually take out the coupons I want to use and put it in a small file folder that fits into my purse. Sometimes I only take this file folder in with me usually when I just plan to make a quick trip to the store but if I want to make a longer trip where I might browse for more than what I want to grab, then I will take the binder in with me.

Coupon System & ORGANIZATION!! ✂️ Using Classic Happy Planner OLD VS NEW?! WHICH SYSTEM IS BEST?!

Marion: I do that too, with an envelope for the coupons I plan to use in my purse. Both binders fit in a cloth bag as do the current flyers. I usually have a calculator in there as well. I have got rid of my binder too. I would have never taken it in the stores because I would have been too embarrassed. I now have one of the etsy bags and love it. Folded the flaps over backwards and stuck them to the pages.. Fits in my purse, held closed by a big elastic, and its no bigger than an organizer.

I took out a bunch of extra pages to reduce the thickness, and it can go anywhere, weighs next to nothing and the extra coupons I dont want or use stay at home in a trading pile! But then again, a lot ARE. Like I care what people in line think or cashiers for that matter!

How to Make a Coupon Binder

My binder is highly organized and I know where every coupon is. I just recently left my binder at home too. I move out of it just after the holidays and into a nice zippered bag my mother-ilaw made for me. It fits all my coupons in envelopes and fits my mini organizer and calendar!!!

Front of your binder

This is a much better way to travel when shopping. Great ideas! I use 2 small folders from the dollar store too. I organize mine by aisle sort of.

Coupon Categories And Subcategories For Organizing Coupons

Then every 2 or 3 weeks I go through every category and take out any coupons that are expiring within the next 3 weeksish and put those in the front of my folders. That way I know that anything not at the front will last a little longer and I should use the expired ones soon if I need the products. It only takes about 10 min every few weeks and I love it because I never run into expired coupons at the store unexpectantly. I hide my folders in my purse to avoid the annoyed looks.

It is a no brainier. I find that just being extra happy and nice works the best. Must be because she uses coupons! I LOVE this blog and just want to say thank you sooo much for all of your ideas and advice! I am so proud of all of the money I have saved in the past year and I thank you again for the help! Love that idea, I am still in the enveloppe stage since I started couponing a couple of months ago.

I was looking at buying a binder but instead I will check for a little folder. Thank you for the idea! Within each sleeve, I organize them by date.

Middle of your binder

I use the dollar store photo albums too. This way looks so much easier! Got rid of my binder too. I found it way too time consuming putting coupons in it and constantly flipping through as well.