Data only SIM deals explained

Additionally, if you want to pick up a 5G SIM, make sure you're currently sporting a capable device. They're pricey, for good reason, but you can pick up a decent Samsung Galaxy S10 5G deal if you look in the right places.

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Vodafone is taking a different approach with its 5G coverage and SIM-only contracts. You can find out more and check out all the best Vodafone SIM-only deals by heading to our dedicated article. Although its 5G will only be available in London until the end of the year. A SIM-only deal is very similar to your typical mobile phone contract.

You get your allocated minutes, texts and data - just without the phone included alongside. These deals are usually much cheaper because you aren't paying for an expensive phone and your SIM simultaneously. Plenty of providers will offer a selection of benefits for buying into their SIM-only deals.

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SIM-only deals give you a lot of control over what plan will suit you best, while also being cost effective. Purchasing a SIM deal will mean, when it is activated, it will be locked to the network you've purchased it from, but it won't be locked to your phone.

What size SIM card do I need?

You can use the SIM with your old device, and swap it out when you pick up the latest model. Swapping handsets should be a fairly stress free experience. This depends on your preferences and priorities when choosing a SIM deal. Greater flexibility is on offer if you decide on a day deal, which means no long contract.

Data Only SIM Deals

However, if costs are a big concern, month deals will be more cost effective in the long run. When it comes down to it, you want to try and balance your call, text, and data limits in a way that will suit your everyday life, and judge whether these will change over the contract period. SIM cards continue to get smaller and smaller, and depending on your phones age, it will use one of the following:.

Recent regulations from Ofcom now mean you can switch providers without having to call up your old network! Any contract length Any monthly cost Sort by: Top Deals.

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Can you get a data only SIM with unlimited data? Turn Reward Points into free rewards. Find out more. No need to top up.

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